Below you will find a staff directory for East End Elementary including names, email addresses, Phone extension, and positions.

All staff phone numbers begin with 937.283.
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NameEmail AddressPositionPhone Ext. (937-283-)
NameEmail AddressPositionPhone Ext. (937-283-)
Jennifer Martin Jennifer Martin Pricinpal 7630 
Donna Adams Donna Adams Kdg 7634 
Nikki Roe Nikki Roe Secretary 7629 
Cathleen McLaughlin Cathleen McLaughlin Intervention Spec. 7632 
Brandy Smith Brandy Smith 3rd Grade 7626 
Kelly O'Connell Kelly O'Connell Pre-School 7648 
Heather Leslie Heather Leslie Title 1 Math  
Amber Hollins Amber Hollins 1st Grade 7633 
Amanda Kunkel Amanda Kunkel KDG 7637 
Connie Wall Nurse Connie Nurse 7646 
Leanne Stone Leanne Stone PE 7635 
Jamie Abel Jamie Abel Music 7635 
Justin Goodman Justin Goodman Counselor 7644 
Jeff Warix Jeff Warix 4th Grade 7641 
Ciara Murdock Ciara Murdock Pre-School 7650 
Elexis Murdock Elexis Murdock Pre-School 7649 
Grace Stock Grace Stock 2nd Grade 7628 
Justin Evans Justin Evans 4/5 SS 7643 
Elizabeth Steingass Elizabeth Steingass 4/5 Math 7645 
Brad Heys Brad Heys PE 7635 
Emily Schmetzer Emily Schmetzer PS Speech 7646 
Linda Von Hoene Linda Von Hoene Title 1 Reading 7640 
Katherine Lowe Katherine Lowe Intervention Specialist 7632 
Brandy Marshall Brandy Marshall 4/5 LA 7642 
Cynthia Ahern Cynthia Ahern Music 7635 
Erin Sutton Erin Sutton 3rd Grade 7627 
Doug Davis Doug Davis Art 7635 
Thad Inwood Thad Inwood 2nd Grade 7647 
Stephanie Nelson Stephanie Nelson 1st Grade 7636 
Chris O'Connell Chris O'Connell Art 7635 
Brook McCoy Brook McCoy Counselor  
Diana Fields Diana Fields K-5 Psychologist  
Katie Poitinger Katie Poitinger Pre-school Psychologist  
Sharon Clifton Sharon Clifton Speech/Language Pathologist 7646 
Showing 34 items